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Assumption Palio 2018: tonight the presentation of the drappellone

A few more hours and in the Cortile del Podestà of Palazzo Pubblico will be held the presentation of the drappellone of the Palio of August 16th 2018 by the new mayor Luigi De Mossi. A lot of curiosity marks the minutes of waiting before discovering the aspect that the long-awaited “cencio” has.

Only one certainty: according to tradition, in fact, the August Palio must have the image of the Virgin Mary Assumed in Heaven and the representations of the 10 contrade that will contend for their careers; all the other details will instead be entrusted to the skill of the artist, Charles Szymkowicz, Belgian painter of international fame, exponent of the current neoepressionism. To illustrate the work will be Enrico Crispolti, well-known historian and art critic.

We would like to remember that, according to tradition, the Palio of the Assumption is made by a foreign artist (as in the case where there is an extraordinary Palio), while the drappellone of the July career is entrusted to a local artist.

The presentation of the Palio is a solemn and particularly delicate moment for the whole city, not only for the contradaioli who will have the fortune to be able to hope to conquer the “cencio” on the evening of August 16th. The contrade that will run the next Palio of Siena will be Leocorno, Pantera, Civetta, Drago, Tartuca, Nicchio and Giraffa, to which are added the three extracted last July 8 Valdimontone, Lupa, Bruco.

On this occasion, during the ceremony of presentation of the palio will also be shown the “Special Award” created by Paolo Penko, on the initiative of the Contrada della Selva in honor of the memory of Giancarlo Galardi, who will be assigned to the pair of bannermen who will stand out for skill during the August career.

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